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Singer Songwriter, Takar Nabam, also sings in Nyishi tribal dialect of Arunachal Pradesh, India. These are some of the translations in English.




Theme :


'Nyok' means place and 'kum' means gathering. So Nyokum means the place where we gather to celebrate and pray for a prosperous year with better harvest, preservation of nature, animals and for the stability of the universe.


         Song Translation :

Solu alo, aal ja kaa pah do (today everything looks very fine)
Henyir hemer haa nge nia pa (harmonious hearts all around)

Opo ling do (local millet wine 'marua' is being prepared)
Ading tek do (meat is being prepared)
Dekpu tek do (It's a kind of decoration made out of bamboo to make it look like a small flower)
Puriap hido (preparing decorations for the sacrifice. In our tradition, mithun, a bovine, is sacrificed)
Tallnioni, Tallnioni...(everyone is looking very smart in the local attire)

Nyoku sang mu to (let this land grow, let's not disturb it's natural cycle)
Nyokum sokhi to (let us always celebrate Nyokum)
Sangbam lajo petaa (let us grow together with birds)
Sangbam lajo seng ne (let us grow together with the trees)
Sangbam lajo, Tanyi kuu (let us grow together children of Tanyi. As per the common belief, Nyishi tribe came from the father, Abo Tanyi)
Haaking Lungking, Haaking Lungking (one heart - one clan or Unitedly)

Griyeng Nyizereh (graceful girls)
Nergu nerling ribo (dancing beautifully)
Chengam yapa nge (young, gentle boys)
Buya gyumling ribo (coming out with the 'Buya' dance. In this dance, every male joins hands to form a circle and together they say the prayers/stories in unison. This dance is very powerful, as it evokes a strong sense of brotherhood