Born in Doimukh, Arunachal pradesh, India. In 2002, Takar was gifted his first guitar on the condition that he could not let his academics take a back seat. 

After moving his base to New Delhi in 1998, Takar spent the next two decades there, where he played an active part in the Rock Music Scene in New Delhi.
2012-2015, between playing sessions for Several Artists to teaching Music at Several Schools in Delhi, he found his solace in Songwriting.

His debut record, Same Sky, came out in 2016. It received modest reviews from Rolling Stone India, The Indian Express, among others. 

His Second album, This Home That Home, came out in 2018. A significant departure in sound from his first album, all his later influences had blended with his early Rock Music influences. ‘Independent Route’ and ‘Receding’ were on Apple Music ‘Top Indian Indie releases’ Playlist and ‘Top 10 Summer Songs’ by Rolling Stone India.

After moving his base back to his hometown, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, in 2018 and having missed out on his culture, Takar has now embarked on a new journey to learn his culture and write songs in Nyishi, his native dialect. Soon, he successfully released 'Nyokum Sokhi To' (Let's celebrate Nyokum), 'Sang Be Yurey' (Shall I Live).

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